Washing Machine Installation


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1- Choose the right spot.
2- Measure the area to ensure a proper fit.
3- Adjust the leveling feet.
4- Set up the drain hose.
5- Try a test run.
1- Choose the right spot:- Depending on your living situation, you may be limited in your options of places to put a washing machine. However, you should try to find a spot that will reduce the risk of uneven loads, leaks, and potential damage to your appliance or your home. 
2- Measure the area to ensure a proper fit:- Washing machines come in a number of shapes and sizes, so you may need to measure yours to ensure it will fit properly in the space you intend to put it. You should also measure the doorways it will need to pass through in order to reach its final destination. 
3- Adjust the leveling feet:- Leveling feet are the little legs underneath the appliance itself. These are adjustable and should be calibrated so that your washing machine will be as level as possible Turning leveling feet clockwise will lower that corner of the washer and turning them counter clockwise will raise it. Place a carpenter’s level on the top of the appliance.
4- Set up the drain hose:- The drain hose needs to be installed correctly to prevent leaks. If your washer is located near a sink, you can feed the drain hose over the edge and into the sink. If you do not have a drain or sink basin near the washer, you may need to use a standpipe. 
5- Try a test run:- You are good to go now.
  • Check the drum to ensure the washing machine is empty.
  • Turn off the washing machine and unplug it.
  • Pull the machine away from the wall to give you access to its water supply valves. Turn off both the hot- and cold-water valves.
  • With a bucket or pan ready to catch any water still in the supply hoses, disconnect the supply lines. You may need to use pliers or a wrench to loosen and remove the hoses.
  • Remove the waste-water hose by simply pulling it out of its entry spot in the wall or floor.
  • If you purchased a washer and dryer set, unplug and remove your old dryer as well.

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Washing Machine Installation

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