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Having a non-functional air conditioner can be a problem, especially if you stay in hot or humid climate conditions. Air conditioners play an important role in filtering out pollutants and circulating cool healthy air. If not maintained properly with regular air conditioner service, your air conditioner can start showing signs of failure. Some of the most common air conditioner problems include:

Air Conditioner Water Leakage
  • A clogged condensate drain line is what leads to air conditioner water leakage. The condensate tray collects the condensed water but if it is found to be broken or damaged the water seeps through it when the air conditioner is running.
  • If the air filter is clogged and not regularly cleaned, the evaporator coils get frozen and result in air conditioner water leakage.
  • Also, if the level of refrigerant in the air conditioner is low, it can lead to the evaporator coils freezing and result in air conditioner water leakage.
Lack of Cooling
  • Clogged air filters don’t allow the air conditioner to cool the room. You can keep the air filter clean with a regular air conditioner service..
  • Air filters trap dust and debris that is pulled into the ducts and if they’re not frequently cleaned, they remain clogged and affect the cooling process.
  • Regular air conditioner service by a skilled engineer is a must, twice a year. So, even if you got your new air conditioner installation done 6 months ago, it’s important that you schedule an air conditioner service for better performance.
Compressor Issue
  • A compressor is the lifeline of an air conditioner. When the compressor stops working, it is an indication of a burned wire, defective start capacitor or a defective compressor itself. If you notice any of this, immediately schedule an air conditioner repair service.
  • If you are sure it’s a compressor issue, immediately get it checked from a professional.
  • A compressor costs anywhere between Rs 6,000 to Rs 10,000, depending on the brand.
Air Conditioner Gas Leakage
  • This is a common problem with residents located around coastal regions, where humidity levels are high.
  • In this case, a professional will need to check for any air conditioner gas leakage and accordingly get the air conditioner gas refill done.
  • Avoid using your air conditioner when you know there is gas leakage or it can lead to inflated electricity bills.

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